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Lounge Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

The upholstery of a lounge, sofa, couch, chair, or even beanbag, over time with constant use and overuse, can get stained, discoloured, and dirty and oxidation too may occur.

And therefore as part of our expert upholstery cleaning, we at Prestige Carpet Cleaning have mastered a thing or two when it comes to reviving and giving a new lease of life to the upholstery. So practically, any upholstery cleaning we take care of it completely.

Whatever be the type of material, fabric or leather, we employ some specific techniques and clean it accordingly. As part of our upholstery cleaning work, we pre-treat areas or parts of the upholstery that is really stained and dirty and then accordingly, follow it up with detailed upholstery cleaning.

Lounge Cleaning Sydney

We are completely insured, licensed and have trained personnel on board

We use only eco-friendly, quality products and materials and use the latest in cleaning equipments so as to ensure that work undertaken is absolute and complete.

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