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Car Interior Cleaning

Car Interior Cleaning is a not so common service. Or rather most cleaning services companies do not offer this as part of their cleaning services schedule. But we at Prestige Carpet Cleaning undertake car interior cleaning too. And we for a fact understand that if you own a car, you end up spending extended hours in the car owing to work and long commute. And you practically end up residing in the car. And this leads to stained and dirty upholstery which you have to get removed and cleaned at least once in a while.

As part of the car interior cleaning, we at Prestige Carpet Cleaning have some specific cleaning processes and style and follow that accordingly.

We clean, spruce up and disinfect the car upholstery accordingly. Whatever be the finish, cloth, or leather, we will clean the car interior for you. Additionally, the interiors of your car and almost all areas of the car’s interiors are also cleaned by us.

You can be assured that a deep cleaning of sorts is carried out as part of our car interior cleaning.

Car Cleaning Sdyney CBD

We are completely insured, licensed and have trained personnel on board

We use only eco-friendly, quality products and materials and use the latest in cleaning equipments so as to ensure that work undertaken is absolute and complete.

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